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4Log is the single source solution to supply chain management needs.


Global Supply Chain Management – 4Log’s management system optimizes your logistics operation and saves you a lot of time and costs. The combined knowledge and experience of our personnel and global partners enables us to study, analyze, and offer the best solution for your company’s supply chain needs.


Business Process Outsourcing – 4Log takes over the responsibilities involved in managing supply chains, including SLAs and KPIs. Our customers enjoy 99.98% inventory accuracy, quick order/shipment preparation, shorter lead-times, and inventory reduction. On average, we enable our customers to save more than 20% in logistics expenses!


Warehousing, Inventory Planning and Optimization – 4Log’s worldwide network of distribution and warehousing facilities enables our customers to strategically locate their inventories, with maximum proximity to their customers and vendors. 4Log’s smart management and full monitoring and visibility, optimize inventories and reduce inventory purchasing costs.


Post Sales Services and Reverse Logistics (RMA) – 4Log understands that retaining customers is just as important as gaining new ones. We manage supply chains end-to-end, including reverse logistics, and find solutions to the most complex processes involved with after sales services. We provide call centers, manage faulty parts returns (including RTV – return to vendor), and optimize refurbished inventories.


Fiscal Representation – By functioning as your fiscal representative in Europe, 4Log simplifies the complexities of international trade and gives your company the possibility of VAT deferment upon entry.


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