Reverse Logistics (RMA)


4Log’s post sales service and reverse logistics management gives our customers an encompassing solution to their RMA challenges.


4Log handles post sales service on two main levels:

  1. Parts Delivery – Receiving sales orders or requests from our customers or directly from their customers via 4Log's call center, and sending them new or refurbished part for replacement.
  2. Faulty Parts Returns – Returning the faulty part from your customers and assessing the part’s status (warranty/non-warranty/repair). The parts are then returned to the vendor for repair/replacement and returned to inventory. Parts that are not under warranty or on repair list are sent to scrap, according to customer's policy.

All RMA processes are managed via 4Log’s smart data base system, which allows our customers, their vendors and service engineers, access to real time status reports and complete monitoring of the RMA process.


4Log’s high RMA return percentage and short cycle enable our customers to save unnecessary inventory purchasing expenses by expanding their refurbished inventory.


Overall we enable our customers to save on RMA and inventory expenses, improve SLA compliance and customer satisfaction.

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